Locksmith Training Solutions for Facilities and Institutions

National Locksmith Institute Certified Facility Locksmith

Important Notes:

  • This course is restricted to sponsoring facilities whose employees can quickly put the knowledge to use. 
  • Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find the download links to get a copy of the brochure and registration form which includes cost for the program.

The National Locksmith Institute offers the 40-hour comprehensive Certified Facility Locksmith training program. Having a professional trained locksmith on staff at your facility can help efficiently resolve security issues and better secure your buildings. This will also provide a significant cost savings over calling a local locksmith, if there is one.

Our mission is to expand the exchange of locksmith knowledge to public and private facility personnel who are responsible for the lock and security systems where they work. We do this by providing concise locksmith training, frame/door alignment, master key systems and locksmith related model codes identified in Accessibility, Building, Fire and Life Safety publications and how they apply to different types of facility occupations. This will ensure a secure and safe environment for all occupants.


National Locksmithing Institute


Use existing personnel and resources

Better Security

 Keep your security information secure

Code Compliance

Up to date training with new National Life Safety Codes and Fire Safety Codes for Locksmiths

Rapid Response

Existing personnel are onsite already


Most preventative maintenance activities can be combined. 


Utilizing your existing staff will maintain consistency with internal guidelines and standards.